The Relache Chronicles


THE RELACHE CHRONICLES is a podcast about musicians residing in what we call “the Margins of American Music.” In these 30-to-45-minute episodes, we’ll play recordings – primarily by The Relache Ensemble from Philadelphia – of complete musical works plus commentary by composers, performers, and others with insight to the music. Throughout the podcast, we’ll discuss the guest composers’ processes, how they utilized current and past technologies and how the acoustical properties of a given space informed the creation and performance of a musical work. Finally, we will discuss how the composers’ relationship with the musicians brought the music to life. The first set of five episodes feature the music of John Cage and Robert Ashley, Joe Kasinskas, Pauline Oliveros, Guy Klucevsek, and Eve Beglarian. THE RELACHE CHRONICLES is produced, edited, and recorded by Joseph Franklin, Arthur Stidfole, and Joe Kasinskas. Throughout their careers, they have been performing musicians, composers, executive and artistic directors, radio hosts and authors, dedicated to the music of the 20th and 21st centuries.

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